Now you can have your cake … and eat it too !

After decades of being in the home design industry we have found that the biggest single stumbling block for many potential home owners is The ‘Paradox of Choice’ where too many options leave them paralysed by indecision . Just getting to the starting point can be a nightmare - do I choose an Architect, Designer or Builder ? Project builder or boutique smaller builder ? How much will it cost, and what about the hidden fees and sales promises that sound too good to be true ?

All of these are before you even get to settling on a design and choosing the hundreds of components that will make up your dream home.

We believe there is a Smarter Way - and have spent the past 5 years working towards being able to offer you our new Alternative.

Benefits of choosing from our Collections


As opposed to a Custom service which can take up to 6 months to even get to Council , our Collections are ready to go from the moment you choose one of our Designs from our extensive choice. This could save you thousands of dollars in holding costs, rental costs and the stress costs of the uncertainty of the whole process. Our Collections homes are also faster to build as we are not re-inventing the wheel every time, meaning our builders and product suppliers can programme more efficiently. And because we manage the Process every step of the way you can sit back and enjoy the journey, spending your valuable time on other things that matter to you.


We offer a choice of home designs that have been specifically designed for various Lot types, locality and orientations so that you do not have to try fit square pegs into round holes. All of our Collections homes have been based on concepts that have been developed over years of research and most of them are based around Award winning homes and designs we have developed in the past. In terms of Sustainable home design, you simply won’t find designs like these anywhere else.


Our Team are all leading players in the Sustainable homes field and have decades of experience and multiple awards behind them. Architecture, engineering, interiors and energy rating are all organised in-house, while our pre-selected builders are leaders in the eco-building space and have been chosen because of their commitment to quality and great client service.


Your first savings come right at the start - by choosing one of our Collections homes you are bypassing the up- front costs of a bespoke design by leveraging off our award winning concepts instead of re-inventing the wheel every time. Custom design of the quality of home we are offering can set you back tens of thousands of dollars and you are not even guaranteed it will be approved by Council or come in anywhere close to budget. The Build cost is also reduced as our systems ensure a quicker build and our Product Suppliers are on board to ensure we can offer these unique homes at the most cost effective price point possible.


Taking the guess work out of the home building process is our aim with the Collections homes we offer. With our plans and 3-d visualisations you can get a very good idea of the finished home and how it works. Our Process and costings are intentionally transparent so that you can see exactly where your hard earned money is being spent. And all our designs are planned around the Residential Design Codes, Building Codes and Energy Efficiency Regulations so that there are no nasty surprises half way through the process ! Because greater certainty = less stress.


More time in design development and using standard details specific to these designs and tested over many years results in a smoother construction process , and combined with our Selected builders and on-site controls ensure a finished home of exceptional quality. Quality is one of those hidden benefits that often only becomes apparent over time - when the commercial grade windows we have specified keep on working smoothly year after year, when the fans we have chosen actually do the job better than you had imagined, and the Smart home systems saves not only time but money as well. We don’t believe you can put a price on quality - but at the same time our quality is remarkably cost effective.