Where does the Freo Alternative apply ?

The Scheme Amendment will apply to selected areas of Fremantle and its surrounding suburbs as indicated on the below map. The provisions apply to Lots over 600 square metres although you are able to build one of our smaller designs (Ancillary Accommodation or ‘granny flat’ ) if your Lot is between 450 - 600 square metres.

How many Freo Alternative homes can I build on my Lot ?

The diagram below shows in simple terms how many homes you could build on your Lot. In reality you will need to undertake very careful planning to achieve this number within the Scheme provisions, which is why our free design feasibility option is so important to ensure you can get the outcome you desire.

Screenshot (162).jpg

What size can my Freo Alternative home be ?

Homes under the Scheme provisions are limited to 120 square metres in size. This size was arrived at based on market research of current trends in smaller housing developments. This provides a generous 2 bedroom house or a modest 3 bedroom house. The floor area limit doesn’t mean that every house must be this big, there is no minimum floor area, so a house can be as small as you need.

Won’t this limit the amount of open space and destroy the existing trees ?

In fact the opposite - the controls within the scheme call for the provision of 70 % open space of which 25 % must be Deep Planting zones (large enough to allow large trees or retention of existing trees). This is far beyond what is required under existing zoning provisions , so there is the real possibility for a growth in the amount of green space in the Scheme areas.

What about sustainability measures ?

Sustainability was the number 1 item of importance among residents in the Surveys and workshops conducted. To reflect this priority the Scheme Amendment calls for a number of sustainability measures above what is required for a ‘standard development’. Homes under the Scheme have to provide at least 2 of the following:

  • The provision of a minimum 1.5 KW photovoltaic system per house

  • Provision of a 1000 litre rainwater tank per house

  • Provide a greywater system for each home

  • At least 1 of the homes in a development to be designed for Universal Access

In addition, homes will need to achieve a 7 Star energy rating or demonstrate a higher than standard sustainability outcome through a submitted sustainability report.

What about parking and additional traffic ?

The Scheme Amendment recognises changing demographics and lifestyles especially around smaller houses, so parking provisions assume less car dependency by the occupants. Parking is limited to 1 car bay per new dwelling and 2 car bays for an existing dwelling. Driveways and crossovers are limited and need to be water permeable.

Can I strata title the extra lots I create on my property ?

Unlike Ancillary Code provisions, under the Amendment the additional Lots created can be strata titled as Group Housing or Multiple Dwellings. So in effect they can be sold off. In reality the whole Lot needs to be master planned and developed under the complex Scheme provisions so that Development Approvals can be attained. Most developments will be Built Strata meaning that the titles are granted after development is completed.

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