The Freo Alternative is a ground breaking new initiative to provide greater housing choice, density and diversity within established suburbs of Fremantle.

Conceived over years of research and community consultation, the Freo Alternative has the capacity to transform Fremantle into a showcase for low impact, sustainable infill housing that will lead the way for other parts of Perth and Australia to follow.

At Arcologic we have been researching and developing housing options and systems that will help foster community uptake of the incredible opportunities that this initiative offers to home owners and those looking for a simpler, more sustainable way of living. We have assembled a unique team of sustainability experts, builders, engineers, interior specialists and product suppliers to offer this new form of housing that is set to make waves in Fremantle and beyond.

Our Design concept for this new form of sustainable development has already received national recognition as one of the 7 Winners (out of 100) in the Queensland Government and UDIA (Queensland ) "Density and Diversity Done Well" competition. It was also the Winner of the 2018 BDAWA Awards Best Conceptual/Unbuilt Design category.


Most community members expressed a desire to see more vibrant neighbourhoods, more people talking to each other and a greater sense of community.
— City of Fremantle : the Freo Alternative Engagement Report

We have spent the past several years researching the Freo Alternative and developing designs and strategies that will encourage community uptake of this unique initiative. We believe that what we have developed has the potential to revolutionise the way in which low-impact, sustainable housing can be delivered in Fremantle and beyond.


We have designed a new form of sustainable housing that is small footprint, low carbon, energy efficient and beautiful to look at and live in. But more than that, we have designed Communities of Econest homes that will change the way you think about how you can unlock the value in your land while not harming the environment or your neighbourhood.

If you own a Lot in the Scheme amendment area or are looking at being a part of a Freo Alternative Community or owning a smaller, smarter, sustainable home contact us for a free appraisal and design feasibility. All our case studies are compliant with both the Residential Design Codes and the Freo Alternative amendment provisions which can significantly speed up Approvals and reduce the stress of having your designs refused or delayed.

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We’ll help you live lighter and wake every day cocooned in quality spaces, with a home designed to support, not drain your resources.
— Econests promise

At Arcologic we realise that you spend most of your time living in your home and not just looking at it from the outside - so no matter how stunning our homes look, they have to live beautifully as well. We spend as long designing every aspect of your interior as we do on the envelope and look of your home to ensure you are cocooned in spaces that make you feel comfortable and have a positive impact on your health. To achieve this we have brought together a talented team of interior specialists that work with our product suppliers to create spaces that have a world class level of design and finish applied to every surface.


We have searched far and wide to find the most effective, beautiful and sustainable materials to make up your dream home so that you  are not faced with the prospect of too many choices (the 'Paradox of Choice'). We have partnered with leading Australian and International product and appliance manufacturers to bring you the latest in sustainable, timeless and functional interiors at the best price point possible.


All our interior selections are based around the ethos of reduced environmental impact, longevity and ease of maintenance. Low VOC * finishes and healthy materials are our priority as we take your family's health and future well-being of the planet seriously. We offer a range of products that are natural, renewable or have a low carbon footprint in manufacture and use.

(* VOC : volatile organic compounds found in many adhesives, paints and laminates)

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We use our cutting-edge visualization software to craft your interiors in realistic 3-d before committing anything to site, so that you can see exactly what you are getting at the very start of the process. No more guessing how combinations of colours and textures may look and traipsing through endless showrooms - we have done the 'hard yards' for you so you can get on with other important things in your life. 

We believe technology should help build a more enjoyable and environmentally sustainable world.

The default design and construction industry is outdated, slow, complex and unsustainable. Its vastly inefficient and leads to tremendous waste. Waste during construction and beyond, when weak design means a lifetime of increased running costs.

We are committed to making a more sustainable industry through constant research and re-evaluation of our processes. Our homes go beyond simply complying with statutory regulations, as we believe we have a duty of care to provide the most energy efficient, low carbon footprint and liveable homes for your money.


Using state of the art e-Tool software, our homes have been designed to be able to achieve Net Zero carbon outcomes that will help not only the environment but also your hard earned money.


Our ECONEST developments can achieve open space ratios of around 70 % which allows retention and expansion of the existing tree canopies and urban forest. Not only does this help reduce the ‘heat island effect’ but also creates more pleasant developments that reduce and store carbon emissions.

Explore ways of enforcing the retention or provision of trees, public open space, gardens and sustainability initiatives during development
— City of Fremantle : the Freo Alternative Engagement Report