An unusual triangular site was no barrier to creating a unique solar passive family home with great views. 

This unusual home creates a wedge on its triangular site with the narrow side of the wedge creating a private ‘solar courtyard’ and the wider, street side allowing expansive views over the trees of the suburb beyond.

Energy efficient appliances and lights, a large PV system and a water-wise garden all add to the sustainability criteria of this mid-sized family home. Internally the spaces are designed for Ageing in Place, and with low allergen materials such as low VOC paints and tiled floors. Ceiling fans and louvre windows allow cooling breezes in summer while winter sun warms up the slab and walls in winter making the home comfortable year round.


Builder : Superior Homes WA


The whole house works really well with great thermal properties.
— David & Theda, Wembley Downs